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Places to visit near Sierra Nevada - Granada

Places to visit near Sierra Nevada -

Photos from places near Sierra Nevada

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Trabajo de Profesor de Esqui en (instructor work in) Australia y New Zealand

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Looking for a Native English Speaking Ski Instructor?

Gday. I am Anthony and I am an Australian Ski Instructor at Europes most Southerly and exciting ski resort Sierra Nevada (Granada,Spain)

Skiing is both fun and technically challenging. The fastest and easiest way to learn is with an instructor that understands your needs and can communicate in the language you understand. I can offer you this and I will show you other avenues from which you can effectively learn, advance and enjoy your skiing.

So join me and lets have fun whilst learning to ski!
The Ski School

This year I am taking a break from Ski Instructing. In my absence I recommend you contact my friend and colleage Giles Birch. His email address is "giles birch"

Giles can organise ski lessons and accomodation. His small friendly ski school focus is teaching English speaking people.  

His web site is excellent

Some other larger ski schools are also quite good. of the larger ski schools, the escuela oficial de esqui whom I worked with in 2002/3 is excellent,


Information About this Site
Many people head to Sierra Nevada, blissfully unaware of what it has too offer. For those who wish to know a little more I have added some informative pages.

I have included in this site, a brief introduction to the Mountain Sierra Nevada and some great places to visit for a day trip from the mountain.

I also have included a Photo Gallery, with photos of me with students and friends.

Below you will find some links to useful websites. Too the right you will find a keyword search engine for this site.

Bien Viaje

Useful Links

If your looking for a ski lessons and accomodation, I would highly recommend contacting my friend Giles Birch.  "gilesbirch"

Giles lives on the mountain so is perfectly positioned to find you great accomodation. His small and friendly ski school caters for English Speakers.

His web site is also very helpful,

Sierra Nevada

Oficial Ski School of Sierra Nevada Spain (Escuela Oficial de Esqui)

Last minute hotel reservation.

See You on The Mountain